Pudendal Neuralgia Syndrome

Also known as the alcock syndrome, the pudendal neuralgia syndrome is the issue that affects the pudendal nerve that is situated in the pelvic area of a human. This issue usually happen because if the pudendal nerves are entrapped by the injury or the contraction of the muscle. The results on the patients will cause the painful experience around the genitalia area. And this issue can happen both to man and woman.

The pudendal neuralgia syndrome mostly happens if the muscle around the pelvic has to work too much. And because of the heavy work that the muscle does, the nerves around the muscle will be entrapped and causing the heavy and constant suffering on that area. The pudendal neuralgia syndrome will leave the patients the difficulty to do the daily activities, such as the defecation of the urination. Some patients even reported that they have the difficulty to walk or climb up the stairs.

Many men reported they get pudendal neuralgia syndrome caused by the injury from the extreme and dangerous activities. Those activities include the bicycling or skate boarding. If they have the injury on the pelvic area caused by these activities, they have a high chance of getting the pudendal neuralgia syndrome. But there are also many men that said that they get the issue from heavy lifting exercise they do in the gym. This is probably caused by the overweight metal that they lift on those workout areas.

Pudendal Neuralgia Syndrome

Meanwhile, the women usually get this pudendal neuralgia syndrome from the process of giving birth. Because of the pain that a woman has to go through when giving birth, sometimes their pelvic muscle reacts badly to this pain. In the results, the contraction of the muscle causing the entrapment of the pudendal nerve on the pelvic area.

Knowing the definition of the pudendal neuralgia syndrome and the things that caused them can help the patients to get better. They can determine the physical therapy and treatment they can get from the therapist. They also can do the light exercise treatment at home to help them ease the pain and may be getting rid of the issue. They will also be able to avoid doing the thing that can cause the syndrome to come back and causing the painful experience.

But pudendal neuralgia syndrome is not advised to be cured with the surgery process. It is because of the lack of proof that the surgery will give the better result than the physical therapy. Also, the surgery process will require the patients to get more money to get better. But with the physical therapy, the issue will able to be eased with a lot less money and safer procedure.

The main key of getting better if you have the pudendal neuralgia syndrome is that you need to do the therapy frequently.  You will not only be required to do the treatment on the clinic, but you also need to do your own therapy at home with some light exercise. But of course, you first have to consult to your doctor to get the best result.

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